Our focus at Karma Life Yoga Studio is uniting connections of the heart and the earth.

To understand each unique story and to develop a higher consciousness, to heal ourselves, our earth and each other.

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"The mind is everything, the hardest Asana is letting go, what you think, you become" - Karma Life Yoga Studio - 
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Karratha Yoga Studio - "Taking care of you"

Rio Tinto Wellness Day
The Mindful Movement for the Mining Industry 

Large companies can require heavy working conditions and greater hours of work which causes stress and tension for employees throughout large industries. Research has shown that workplace wellness programs bring physical, mental and emotional benefits to workers as well as a better work life balance, providing positive results to companies.

Get in contact if your workplace could use some tools on becoming more mindful. 

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4.30am Ashtanga/ Vinyasa Practice
Mindful Meditations with Sound Healing

Although it may seem too hard to be getting out of bed at 4.30am to practice yoga. However the benefits of laying in savasana at 5.30am are indescribable. Your personal practice is done for the day and you realise that you have chosen to put your practice first - all you need is your health. Setting your mind up for complete success for the rest of the day ahead. 

Incredible feeling, Effort equals big rewards at these classes.

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Mindfulness is a type of meditation in which we focus on being intensely aware of what is happening to the body when we inhale and exhale and feeling into the here and now, so that we can recognise our own reactions to situations in our daily lives. Approaching each meditation practice without any expectations or judgments and can involve pranayama, Kundalini Yoga, Crystal singing bowl sounds, guided meditations, and other subtle movements to relax the mind/body and help reduce stress & anxieties.

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