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Meet The Team

Sasha Pillar

Sasha discovered yoga at the age of 16 and was drawn to the feeling it brought her. As the practices came in and out of her life, it was after motherhood, she realised she had to share this wonderful gift with others.

As she progressed through her teacher training, her inner and outer worlds grew rapidly. Turning Sasha into a savvy businesswoman and an intuitive spiritual leader.

Amy Bunn

Amy is a qualified meditation teacher and a dedicated mother of 4. Her nature is soft and gentle and this is her approach towards meditation. Amy says that without her daily meditation practice she would not have the capacity to deal with the busyness of everyday life.

Geja Van Urk

Gee, originally from the Netherlands but living in Karratha for the last 11 years. Gee’s first-ever yoga class was at The Space and She immediately felt at home there. Since then yoga has become a significant part of Gee’s life, to the extent that she decided to start teacher training in September last year. Yoga brings peace and balance in Gee’s life, Often say’s that She finds sanity by going on her mat. Her personal practice is mainly Ashtanga but during certain periods in life, it consists of meditation only. Gee believes yoga isn't just about making fancy shapes or learning to stand on your head, nor is it just for the young and fit. Yoga is about exploring the relationship between your body and your mind and becoming present in the moment. Literally, everyone can do yoga. Therefore Gee makes her classes accessible and accepting, so if you’ve been on the fence about trying a class, then we'd recommend joining Gee on Mondays for all levels of Ashtanga.

Nadia Selva

Nadia went to her first yoga class in 2012, and although She knew there were some “ stretches” involve in the class, She didn’t know what to expect or what it was all about. 

After being guided through some breathing exercises, She noticed how, her always busy mind, started to calm down. Immediately she fell in love with the practice. 


Nadia mostly teaches Hatha Yoga which is a gentle practice but can be challenging especially when holding some postures and only having your breath to focus on. Nadia also likes to incorporate mudras and breathing exercises in her classes and nourishing relaxation time. 

Nadia is interested in yoga therapy and has plans to complete a course in the near future.  

Deeply considering that Yoga is the path that leads towards the true self, it brings joy and helps in letting your best version to show through. 

Jill Augustus

Jill has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and got her certification in Bali two years ago. Coming from a fitness background, she loves to teach sweaty energizing flows with motivating tunes. Her dream class- Silent disco yoga on the beach!